February 19, 2017

Song of the Moment

Hello all you beautiful souls, this week's post is dedicated to the song I can't get out of my head right now. It's a song we all might know too well. I feel that it sounds better in least from my biased perspective.

Stay beautiful <3

February 12, 2017

Tip of the Week

Hello all you beautiful souls! This week's post was based on a recent appointment.  I just met with my therapist yesterday and our goal for the day was, how can I better organize myself? Then we both reached a conclusion that maybe organization doesn't have much to do with putting said items into a specific places, but am I mentally cluttered?

Being organized is beyond where and how you place your items, but how your thoughts and ideas are carried out to the work you do. Are you constantly distracted when you should be listening to important instructions? Are you constantly rushing to get somewhere? Are you always spending more time looking for things you need than actually doing the work you need to do in the allotted time? My tip for this week is to never leave home unless you have a game plan for the day. What I like to do early in the morning, is look over my planner and review all the activities needed for the day. For instance, if I have a fashion sketching workshop, I know to pack my markers, pencils, and sketch pad. If  I have a pattern drafting lab, I know to bring my drafting supplies. If I have a meeting, I know to pack my planner, a notebook, and a pen. This will help you to take the time to evaluate what you're doing that day, and what you need instead of rushing or throwing things you may or may not need into your bag (which saves space). However, this will work as long as you remember to write down your daily events whether it be in your phone or physical planner.

I hope this was helpful for you in your everyday life. Stay smart, stay organized, and...

Stay Beautiful <3

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!! <3 I love you all so much!

February 04, 2017

Homemade Organic Jam

Hello all you beautiful souls! This week has been pretty busy without a dull moment to spare. I recently discovered without any prior internet searching, a way to make clean jam whether it's for your sandwiches, biscuits or whatever you put jam on.


  • 2 cups Purified water (this depends on how much you're trying to make)
  • 1 cap full of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar (preferably Sugar in the Raw)
  • 3 ounces of organic strawberries, mangoes, and blueberries (the fruit combination is up to you)
  • 1 pinch of cinnamon 


  1.  You're going to pour your water into a medium or small size pot (again the size depends on the amount you intend to make). Add your olive oil, sugar and cinnamon to the water and stir. Then wait until water begins to boil.
  2. Add your choice of fruit, it can be fresh or frozen, but if frozen it will take longer to cook. 
  3. Then you're going to stir the fruit until the fruits' consistency becomes soft and mushy then you can begin to mash them into the mixture. 
  4. Continue stirring and mashing until the mixture reaches a jelly-like texture. You don't have to completely mash the fruit all the way. If you prefer some small fruit chunks like I do, you're more than welcome to do so. 
  5. Once the mixture is to your satisfaction, turn off the stove, and let it cool for about 5 minutes then ENJOY.
I hope you're able to try this recipe and definitely let me know how it turned out. This was actually an experiment gone right, and it didn't expect it to come out as good as it was. Send me feedback and comments on my Instagram @jctheyogi. As always...

Stay Beautiful <3

January 29, 2017

Song of the Moment

Hello all you beautiful souls! I realize this post is a day late, but as they say, better late than never! I just want to share with you the song I can't get out of my head these last couple of weeks. I hope you guys are all well considering we've basically survived the first month of the new year. This song is close to my heart because it reminds me of where I've been and how far I've come in my confidence and spirituality.

As Always...

Stay Beautiful <3

January 21, 2017

Favorite App of the Moment

Image result for bliss app
Hello all you beautiful souls! This week I want to share with you one of my recently favorite apps. It seems like it's so easy to get stressed out with all the work we have to do that it makes it harder to think about all the good we have in our lives, or sometimes forget what we're working towards.

What Bliss does is allow you to write positive things down to rewire your brain to stop dwelling on the negative. There are 6 or 7 categories to write for. There's a section called "three good things" which allows you to write down three things that are good in your life, "transforming problems" allows you to write about problems you have, but then write about how grateful you are that you don't have worse problems. "Honoring People" is a category to get you thinking about people in your life you may be taking for granted. Also the app gives you notifications so that you will remember to write something positive every day.

This app was designed to get your mind to think about what's going right in your life so you're going about life in a positive way. So I ask you, what's going right in your life? Are you always dwelling on the negative? Are there people you seem to always take for granted? Learning to have an attitude of gratitude will take you far in life which is why I highly recommend this app...and I'm not at all getting paid to say this. Be healthy and live in happiness because life is too short to not be blissful.

Stay Beautiful <3

January 14, 2017

Imagine the Possiblities

Hello all you beautiful souls! I hope January has been treating you well regardless of the weather being hot or cold. I wanted to share this commercial with you which I stumbled upon last year. If you didn't know already, I am a big feminist, and this melted my heart. This is a Barbie commercial featuring little girls with big ambitions, and I wish I had something like this in the media growing up. Not every girl has a family or a community of people uplifting them and encouraging them to find out where their ambitions take them. Anyway, I'm showing you this video because I want you all around the world to know you are capable of doing things above and beyond what you think you can. Trust me, I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have a supportive community to make me believe I could even make it this far.

Stay beautiful <3

January 08, 2017

New Year, New You

Hello all you beautiful souls! Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! I'm sure all of you have your resolutions made, and have already started working on them. I want you all to know that it doesn't have to be a new year for you to decide to change your habits or lifestyle decisions; sometimes we should wake up and say "this is what I want to change TODAY". Change doesn't just happen on January 1st, but whenever we feel that inner desire to change something about ourselves. Which is why we are always going to be a work in progress until the day we leave the earth. This week, I want to help you guys become consistent with your resolutions since we can tend to abandon our goals at some point as the year progresses.


I  see people making fitness resolutions more than anything else. I hardly ever go to the fitness center in my complex (especially this time of year when so many people are there), and you shouldn't have to force yourself to do so. Which is why I think most people quit going working out after so long. When you have to force yourself to go do something, it's not fun anymore. So instead of making gym commitments, find activities that allow you to be active while enjoying yourself. Some suggestions could be going for a walk, walking to work if you live close by, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. You can also find fun group activities like hikes, mountain climbing, roller or ice skating, biking, and more. Start searching for ways to add physical activity to your everyday life so it doesn't feel like work; the sooner you do that, the longer you can keep up your resolutions.


Next to fitness, I think this one of the most common resolutions made. I've seen people who've decided to become vegetarian, give up sugar, give up salt, give up junk food, and other items to improve their weight. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to cut out foods from your diet because food isn't the problem, the problem is not having moderated boundaries in place. Just from watching My 600 lbs Life last week, I've seen people who just cannot control their eating habits. My advice to you is to balance out your meals with foods that are good for you, then you indulge in sweets after obtaining nutrition. I normally eat before 8 PM so my food has time to digest before bed, take your time chewing which will make a big difference. Eat a snack or a meal before grocery shopping; going in hungry can be dangerous for your body and wallet. Make sure you have a list of what you need so you can stick to what you need instead of buying what you don't. Also be mindful of how much you intake by looking at the serving sizes on food packages since it will helps to make sure you're not eating more than you should. 


This is something even I struggle with from time to time. It's hard to manage going to bed before 10 PM because I have roommates who do tempt me every now and then to hang out past bedtime. If you're in a similar situation, it's helpful to find methods of resisting distractions. For instance, I have moments where I'm falling asleep during a movie, so I use that as a reason to excuse myself. Getting up early is a bit easier for me because I was raised by early risers, but what helps me is setting the alarm 1 hour earlier than the normal wake up time. For instance, I get up at 5 AM to beat my roommate to the bathroom, so I'll set the alarm to 4 AM so I'm fully awake while getting a whole hour for my whole body to wake up and get up out of bed. I feel it's important it is to take time some extra time for yourself to wake up peacefully instead of getting up "on the wrong side of the bed". Also I suggest having your alarm set to something that's not loud and obnoxious which could wake up your roommates when they really don't have to get up as early as you. What you can do is set your alarm to something soft with moderately low volume, so it's not waking anyone up, and because your alarm is set to an hour early it can help you wake up peacefully. Just remember to set a second alarm to the actual wake up time so you know how much time you have to actually get up.


If you are a student in middle, high school or even college, organization might be something you pledge to keep up with every quarter or semester. As an adult, having good organizational skills can help you become more efficient and productive in a timely matter. Organization can vary based on differing situations you could be facing. If you find yourself unable to locate items you need then it's necessary to go through your things to eliminate clutter, throw out things you don't need, and place items you use often in places you can easily get to. If you find yourself always doing things at the last minute, then I would suggest recording all your tasks in a notebook or planner to organize how much time will be spent on completing those tasks well before the deadline. You should make a list of everything needed to be done so you have a visual to plan your time rather than having to remember or potentially forget what you have to get done. There's nothing wrong with setting reminders on your phone or laptop so you know to start working on your tasks. 

I hope this was helpful for you to start off the year right. I apologize for this post being a day late, but was the least bit helpful for you. You are all wonderful people, and it means a lot that you take the time to read what I have to say. As always...

Stay Beautiful <3