May 20, 2017

Songs of the Moment-Emilie-Claire Barlow

Hello all you beautiful souls! I apologize for the four week blogging Sabbatical, but working on new content to present to you. This is another post where I'm sharing songs I can't get out of my head. I fell in love with this artist while I was listening to Pandora under my French Cooking Music station. Emilie-Claire Barlow is a Canadian jazz singer with such a beautiful voice. I hope you'll love her as much as I do because I'm trying to convince my parents to host her for their annual 3-day jazz festival on year.

Thank you for viewing my page this week. I have some new content to share with you next week. I got the chance to meet the costume designer and choreographer for La La Land so don't miss that next week!

Stay Beautiful <3

May 06, 2017

Tip of the Week-Take a Rest Day

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Hello all you beautiful souls!  This week is a simple tip to keep you happy and healthy. Make sure you're taking some time during the weekend to pause. You don't have to always be doing something every weekend to prove to anyone that you have a life or anything. If you're really exhausted on Friday and/or Saturday after a long week's worth of work, take a load off to rest up. Tell your friends you're taking a weekend sabbatical, maybe cancel that hiking trip this one time. It's important to take time to work on yourself once in a while, chill out with yourself. You don't have to prove anything to anyone justifying whether or not  you have a busy or exciting life. What matters most is that you're living a content lifestyle. As much as I tell everyone I get up at 4 AM to do yoga everyday, some days I do need to take a rest day or two, and you should do the same. Just so you know, next week will be a post about FIDM Alumna of '77, Priscilla Burris who is currently working as a children's book illustrator. I will be telling her story as to how she followed her dreams and made it happen for her. I hope you've all had a good week, and I'll catch you next Saturday! As always,

Stay Beautiful <3

April 22, 2017


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Hello all you beautiful souls! What a wonderful day this is to celebrate the beautiful planet we've been blessed to live on. I want to take a moment to talk about the benefits of succulent plants. My current roommates and I have several plants in our home generating positive energy which is why I want to share the benefits with you.

Houseplants allow for a much cleaner atmosphere by absorbing harmful toxins in the air. According to Live Science, "These VOCs [Volatile Organic Compounds] and other indoor air pollutants (such as ozone) have been linked to numerous acute conditions, including asthma and nausea, as well as chronic diseases such as cancer and respiratory illnesses. An indoor plant's ability to remove these harmful compounds from the air is an example of phytoremediation, which is the use of any plant--indoors or out--to mitigate pollution in air, soil or water." From Masters in Healthcare,  Also if you live with someone who smokes cigarettes or if you yourself do smoke, household plants are likely to alleviate harmful chemicals from cigarettes which in turn purifies your air. 

Plants in general will supply clean oxygen for us to breath. A fun fact after reading an article from the NC State University in the department of horticultural sciences,"One large tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for four people." Houseplants can do the same...maybe not on that large of a scale, but clean oxygen no matter how much is always a good thing.

Masters in Healthcare explains how houseplants can help reduce your chances of getting a cold by about 30%, as well as help with allergies while also improving  your sleep. In a sense of mental health, indoor plants can help your mood or create a positive environment, helping you generate new ideas or even better concentration if you work in a creative and innovative field of work. 

Overall, plants do generate a sense of happiness and positive energy which is what I intend to give to you. I hope you all are out enjoying this green day. Go out and buy a plant for your home or give one as a gift as a housewarming gift to someone you know. Spread the love and the positive vibes; just a few ways to live happy and healthy lives. As always...

Stay Beautiful <3

April 15, 2017

FIDM Debut 2017 Featuring Ashley Neville

Hello all you beautiful souls! On this week's post, I want to recap last week's FIDM Debut show. This was my second experience having attended, and each year it's amazing being blown away each time. 



Designer:Ashley Neville
I also got the chance to interview one of the designers, and a good friend of mine, Ashley Neville. I've had the privilege of knowing Ashley when I started 7 quarters ago. She is now a graduate from the fashion design and advanced fashion design programs at FIDM. She got the opportunity to present a collection she's been working on for the past 9 months. So I'd like to share her beautiful story with you.

What's your story? When did you first know that fashion was for you?

Well my grandma gave me her sewing machine when I was [in] junior year in high school. I took one of those 10 week courses at [...] an arts center [...]. It's like a 10 week course and after that I made my first dress, and I was like, "aww man". Like the adrenaline rush in the industry, and everything like that, I knew I'd love to do it, as a career choice.

So when you decided to come to FIDM, how did you find FIDM? What brought you here?

My high school had really bad arts, and it was mainly like, arts meant that you were in, like musicals verses there's so many different other arts. So I was looking for a college, junior year, to partner with, to help fund my high school, and FIDM did that Fashion Club partnership. So that's how I got in contact with FIDM. Came here to meet with an advisor to get it going, and took a tour. And after the tour, I was like, "I'm hooked" so yeah. So then I... I then applied like 2 months after that in junior year. [...] That was the only school [I applied to], and as soon as I got in I was like, "Yep.This is it. Yep, this is for sure".

Over the last 3 years, what's been your biggest challenge?

That's a really good question, I think my biggest challenge is not self-doubting yourself. In this industry, it's so opinionated or, you know, you get shot down a lot of times, but to not doubt yourself. [...] Keep going. I think what I searched for, a lot, before...actually just this past year, is I was like- reached for gratification of like, "oh, you know, I wanna know, am I doing a good job?", but in this industry they don't do that. Everything was supposed to be due yesterday. Just understanding, having confidence in yourself, you know. Trust that you're doing a good job.

As a designer, we're always looking for inspiration through hobbies or different things. What would you say is one of those things you would do to get inspired?

I'm heavily inspired by art. Heavily. I would love art, architecture [..]. So I think it's art for me, like whether I'm painting or I'm sketching or doing anything like that, or I'm going to an art gallery. Like I love that stuff. So I think it's the artist who inspires me to do like maybe a garment, or just like my collection inspired by street art so yeah. So it's a lot about what we do. Like my mom's an artist, so I draw a lot from her as well, so yeah.

So in addition to fashion is there anything else you'd like to branch out into? Because no one ever stays in the same thing.

Yes, you never know what you're gonna do. I really wanted to be a baker. Yeah, the cooking shows, like, cake boss and stuff, and like all those shows. Like, I really wanted to be like a cake baker to create amazing cakes. And like a choreographer [...] like dance [...] I don't think I'll ever like...I realized I couldn't bake. Like I'm a horrible cook, so I mean I realized, "okay this isn't it for me, obviously,"and dancing, it wasn't my career choice, but I enjoy it so yeah, like you.

Going forward, how do you intend on branding yourself?

That's something I'm still figuring out today, well right now. I know I'm branding myself with a new name. It's a lot easier to say. Branding yourself is so important in this industry today with social media and stuff. I don't know, I don't know if there's a certain...look or certain like emphasis on a certain type of lifestyle. I don't know, it's like the madness of the industry. Just [...] adventurous, creativity, or creative I should say. I think that's it, I don't know. You let me know what's a good branding tool. I'm so open to branding and that because, you know, we're so busy sewing. We don't have time to think about that, like "oh what's this image I'm creating?"

Can you say that branding comes from us internally? Like with you're collection Unapologetic, saying your collection was unapologetic; it's how you feel, right? 

Right! Yeah it's an attitude. Completely. It's completely an attitude. And I think that's how I'm branding myself with an attitude, you know. Having that, you know, like taking chances on yourself, very unapologetic, very know, "I'm just gonna go and get it" type of attitude. Young, contemporary, women's wear [...] that type of stuff too.

As a designer, now that your career at FIDM is ending, what do you think are the major changes you've seen beginning to end?

Oh man! Just alone in my A.A. degree verses the advanced degree, insane, insane changes. I used to like, complain, and get discouraged when they'd be like, "oh your dirndl skirt is due in like 1 week". Now, when I got into the advanced program, they'd be like, "you have 3 looks to do, and you have 3 days to do it" so yeah [..] you definitely get a lot faster. Just get used to dealing with it. I think my confidence level has changed the most because at the beginning I was like nervous in the industry, because I was like, "oh I don't think I'm like perfect in this" or "I don't think I have... I'm not super fast in this" or you know, because it's such quite quarters, but the advanced program changed that completely. Like, it gives you a new confidence level, I guess. It's like a different language [...] trying to get proficient at it.

In terms of what you'd like to leave behind in your career, what is it you want to focus on?

Well, the main thing I want to focus on [...] is run your own race. That's the exact same thing that I've kept through debut; everything like that I kept saying, like in my head, run your own race.You can't compare yourself to everybody else. You can't compare yourself to everybody else, and you can't say... you can't have them judge what you're doing per se because they don't understand your vision until you do it. So then I was like, "go out and do it and they will understand". You just have to go for it, and you just have to run your own race, don't let others get you down or compare yourself, you know? It's an opinionated industry.

In parting words of wisdom, what would you say to someone who's passionate, wants to be creative, but feel their environment limits them? 

Our school was so academic-related. They didn't even put FIDM in our graduate [...] register or whatever it's called. They didn't even put it on there, but I would say [...] don't get discouraged, of course, I know it's hard. Just keep doing what you're doing. Just keep-because everyone, you know, has their different ways, and what's to say yours isn't successful too? Same of artists, I know a lot of artists are like, "well you can't make a living by it" but it's something that you love, and the passion. Like everybody can be trained to learn math, everybody can be trained to, you know, write a book, and stuff like that. Like you can be trained to do that or any job, but then your creativity, like you can't teach that. So don't lose it, stay with it no matter what you do. Write a book and then draw some pictures, I don't know. You know, yeah it's's something you can't train people to do. To be creative. So be creative in whatever you do.

It was nice for Ashley to take the time to talk to me. I've always believe that you should go after what you're passionate about. I've told people on many occasions that when you go for what you want, you will be more likely to push yourself to get where you need to be. Below is where you can find Ashley on social media.

Twitter: @FIDM_Ashleyp
Web page:

Stay Beautiful <3

April 08, 2017

FOMO: Am I Missing Out?

Hello all you beautiful souls! In life there's so many things to do with only a whole lifetime to complete them all. This week I really want to talk about the notorious fear of missing out. Anyone who knows me is aware of how extremely busy I am. I am currently attending FIDM in the fashion design program, and I realized there are so many possibilities I can turn to with fashion which makes me want to do it all. Although I'm generally very focused on my education, I've had to balance a social life in addition to that which makes it hard. Sometimes, I want to do every and enjoy everything to the point I feel like I'm constantly squeezing everything in which stresses me out in the long run. This post is to help you conquer your fear of missing out.

A FOMO can consist of trying to grow up too fast, or feel that because you didn't get to do certain things that your life is incomplete. I'm almost 20, and I'm graduating with my first college degree in June. With having been at FIDM, the school moves at an accelerated pace on a quarter system (especially if you're in a 2 year program) will make you feel like you're 25 years old real fast. It's important to slow down from time to time, and realize that life isn't over. A few months ago, I thought it was do or die if I didn't get accepted into the International Manufacturing & Product Development advanced study program. I prayed for it, got my church, and my family in Kentucky to pray for me to get it. I did all the right things, but just this Monday, I got my letter, and I didn't get in. For a split second, I thought my career at FIDM was over when I wasn't ready to leave, that I would have to immediately start looking for a full-time job. I called my parents because I felt I was missing out on the opporunities that specific program could have offered.

After I had gotten over my disappointment, I decided to take it upon myself to meet with the Vice President of Education, who interviewed me, to find out why I wasn't accepted. She expressed that my application was overall impressive, but what blew her away in the interview was my passion for the technical aspect of the industry. Then she says that my passion would be perfect the Bachelor of Science program in Apparel Technical Design, and managed to have already recommended me to the department chair. When I later called the chairperson to set up a meeting. In addition to that, I also received a renewable scholarship! The point of the matter is that sometimes we work so hard and sacrifice so much for something we weren't meant for. If you really want to get into Harvard, then do work for it, but if you didn't get accepted that doesn't mean your life is over because life hardly ever goes according to our plan. The universe has a way of pre-designing our lives in a way that is for us, not against us.

My biggest piece of advice is don't cry over any rejection or moment of disappointment (well...maybe for like 2 minutes MAX). Don't think for a second that you weren't good enough when you know you worked your ass off. Don't think for one minute that you could have done more when you know you stayed up for nights on end going the extra mile. As they say, "when one door closes, another opens", and I am passing through the open door. Success is not a measure of how many events went right in your life, but all the rejections and failures received to where you finally earned that moment of achievement.  After so many moments of disapointment, it feels so good when you finally make a breakthrough. When you work hard for something you're passionate about, and do things the right way, at any moment you can be catapulted to the top and absolutely NO ONE can take that away from you because you earned it. So do not feel like you're missing out because you didn't get what you hoped for, that just means there's something bigger and better out there waiting for you accept that opportunity.

Stay Beautiful <3

April 01, 2017

Tip of the Week

Hello all you beautiful souls, this week is a tip to loving yourself and learning to listen to your body. I encourage you, especially college students, to take care of your body because it will tell you what it's lacking.

I have a habit of getting mad at myself whenever I plan to get up at 3 AM to get work done and then I end up waking up 6AM. I've had to learn that even though my mind is awake, my body just couldn't get up.  I've had to learn to be patient with myself. If you're used to working yourself to death like me on a daily basis, make sure you're taking time on the weekend or some point doing the week to chill out. Part of living a happy and healthy life is not investing too much time and energy all the time, but balancing the work, play, and rest. As always...

Stay Beautiful <3

March 25, 2017

How to Replenish Your Motivation with Music

Hello all you beautiful souls! On a day to day basis it can be difficult to push yourself to do the same daily routine whether it be school or work. In the case of school, if you attend high school or college or anything in between, it seems like we have the most energy and motivation when a new year or semester or even quarter occurs. However, as school progresses, we somehow lose our motivation, or procrastination tends to set in. For those of you who are musically-inclined like myself, I've observed how music can be very powerful. I want to give you some tips I've discovered helps prevent laziness from residing within me using music.

Alarm Clock
Nowadays we have alarms on our phones. We may not have the power to change how early or how late we can wake up based on your daily activities, but we have the power to change the sound. I always make my alarm clock something that's not too soft, but not too loud to wake up your partner or a college roommate. I always make my alarm a song that has really motivated me to get up. The motivating part is that it's good to change up the tone every 2 or 3 weeks. After awhile, I get tired of hearing the same song every morning and that's when loss of motivation to get up sets in.

This is an obvious one. What I do is make a long playlist that will last to your target distance. Making all your music upbeat and something you love listening to will keep your motivation alive. Also it's good to include slower songs so you're able to cool down as you approach the end of your fitness session. There was a day I was watching a yoga video by Adrienne Mishler (yogawithadrienne on YouTube) who informed me that the mind tends to give up before the body does, so I thought why not try to keep your mind occupied. If you're mind is concentrating on music then it's too distracted to notice how much work your body is doing.

Getting Up to Complete Task
If you ever find yourself sitting on the couch or waking up from a nap and realize that you're so comfortable to get up to complete tasks to finish off your day, then this tip is for you. For instance, if you're a parent who regularly makes dinner for your family, listening to culturally diverse music makes the act of cooking more enjoyable. Due to French being my second language, I have two Pandora stations called "French Cooking Music" and "Edith Piaf" which inspire me when I cook. When I'm getting ready for work or school or events along those lines, I like listening to light music that manages to uplift me such as songs like Comme Ci Comme Ca by Zaz or J'ai Chaud by Faudel that get me going when I need to. There are days where I'm in the shower, but because the water is so nice and warm, it distracts me from being about to focus on leaving on time. This is a reason why music is a great way to get things moving along, and I often find myself more productive with music going.

I hope this post helped you. Let me know in the comments if there's anything you'd like for me to write about. Thank you for reading and always,

Stay Beautiful <3